La Grave, France

Are you looking for a different style of vacation? Do you get bored if you do the same activity everyday? Or do you just want to explore as many of the amazing options the mountains have to offer us in a week? Then this Ultimate Adventure Camp is perfect for you!

La Grave is located in a prime location to explore many activities in a week, maximizing your experience. On the edge of the Parc National des Ecrins, the view of La Meije and the glaciers lingering above will inspire you from the moment you arrive.


Based on weather and conditions, some of the days may get moved around.


Arrive in La Grave, and we will have a welcome dinner to meet the group and enjoy the local French cuisine.


We will drive 10 minutes to our local rock climbing crag. Here, we will go over the basics of rock climbing: knots, equipment, belaying, efficient movement, rappelling, and an introduction to multi pitch climbs. Depending on the level of the group, there are perfect beginner climbs and more challenging routes for those interested.


Italian for “iron path,” this activity dates back to the First World War, when several were built in the Dolomites to help move troops through steep mountainous terrain. A via ferrata is exactly how its translated in that it is a pathway of iron through the mountains. No one is the same, but each one is a combination of cables and ladders bolted into a mountain side, and while clipping yourself to its safety cables, you remain secure while reaching great and exposed heights. In La Grave, we have one just next to a waterfall. After topping out we will hike just a bit farther to the Refuge des Clots for a nice late lunch before we hike back to the car.


The headwaters of the Romanche River lie just above La Grave within the surrounding peaks. We will spend a full day whitewater rafting this alpine river with No Limit Rafting. We will take two adventurous runs of the river, with a lunch break in the middle of either a picnic on a riverside beach or at a local restaurant.


The main lift in La Grave is called the Télépherique. We will take this up to 3200m/10,500ft where we will arrive at the Glacier de la Girose. While touring the glacier, we will walk over crevasses, crampon on dry ice, and learn the basics of glaciology and glacier rope travel. If the group has the appropriate level, we will attempt to summit the Rateau Ouest (3769m/12,365ft), a spectacular alpine peak that involves steeper snow and ice, and an ideal first alpine rock ridge.


This sport is unique in that it combines water skills and climbing knowledge. Much more engaging than at first glance, we will enter a river canyon and descend our way through its natural path. We will rappel waterfalls, toboggan down natural rock waterslides, and have the occasional (and optional) cliff jump into a pool. Its one of the more unique and fun activities to try at least once in your life!


This part of the Alps is very well known for its biking, both road and mountain biking. The Tour de France passes through here, and others flock to see the views of the glaciers while riding perfect single track. We also have an experts only downhill trail from the top of the Télépherique all the way to town, a 1750m/5,742ft descent! Depending on the group, there are excellent trails for beginners to experts. We can gain elevation with our legs, or with the help of a shuttle, or with the assistance of an electric bike. Get ready for one of the most scenic rides of your life.

This Ultimate Adventure Camp is entirely customizable to your private group. Let me know what you would like and we can make it happen.

In addition to the listed activities above, there are other options if your group would prefer to switch one out. Other options include: alpine hiking either to a summit, col, or a mountain hut, paragliding, or a supported road bike ride on one of the nearby famous climbs (Alpe d’Huez, Col du Galibier, Col de l’Izoard).

As well, if you would like to do one of the activities for more than one day, that can also be arranged. For instance, if you would like to do two days of rock climbing, our second day we could do a longer multi pitch climb.