Rock Climbing

Whether you are brand new to rock climbing, or have been climbing for years and want to explore a new area, there is something for everyone with this activity. 

There are extensive areas in France to explore rock climbing. As well, I often travel back to the US in the autumn, and we could make a trip happen around the northwest or in the southwest: Leavenworth, Smith, and Red Rock to name a few spots.

Every trip is unique, contact me for more details.

In addition, I offer these instructional courses:

Introduction to Rock Climbing - 2 days
Learn to Lead Climb - 3 days
Rock Rescue - 1 day


The maximum ratio for rock climbing is typically 2 clients to 1 guide, but if you would like to climb only single pitch climbs (where you come back down to the ground after each climb, as opposed to multi-pitch climbing), I can accommodate up to 4 clients.