I spend most the winter working as a ski guide in La Grave, France, where I have my home base. La Grave is an off-piste ski mecca that should be on every skiers hit list. Trips vary from exploring the incredible freeride options in La Grave off the Télépherique, to ski touring in les Écrins, to instructional courses such as ski mountaineering and avalanche safety. I also travel on request, from Chamonix to the Lofoten Islands of Norway. And there is always a possibility to travel further, from Alaska to Japan.

Below is a list to give you an idea of the different locations to visit for your ultimate ski vacation. If there is somewhere you would like to go that is not on my list, contact me.

La Grave, France

Ski Mountaineering Camp - La Grave

Chamonix, France

Lofoten Islands, Norway


Antarctic Peninsula