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Ski Mountaineering Camp - La Grave

Would you like to learn the skills to take you to the next level in the mountains while skiing in one of the best places on earth? Then this Ski Mountaineering Camp is perfect for you!

Located in La Grave, France, we will spend six days skiing big lines while you learn skills on the move and in the terrain.


Day 1: Ski Tour, and Avalanche Rescue Review

We will go up to the nearby Col du Lautaret and go for a warm-up ski tour for the group. This day is to assess the groups skiing and ski touring abilities, as well as review and introduce skills with movement and avalanche safety. We will go over efficient movement skills with skins, track setting, and terrain selection. At the end of the tour, we will have everyone practice with their avalanche transceiver.

Day 2: Skiing on a Glacier

This day we will use the Télépherique, the lift in La Grave, and start our day skiing on the Glacier Girose. Depending on conditions, we might add a small ski tour into the day on the glacier, or we will use the lift all day to maximize the descents. We will work on terrain selection on a glacier, focusing on crevasse awareness, glaciology, and other alpine hazards and how to manage them.

Day 3: Steep Skiing and Rope Skills

We will seek out some of the steeper terrain in La Grave (there is no shortage!) and work on steep skiing techniques. We will also go over how to set-up a rappel, and go over the basics of snow anchors.

Day 4: Crevasse Rescue

Today is dedicated to crevasse rescue. Sometimes learning how to perform this rescue is easier not on a glacier, so that we can move around freely while learning (without actually falling into a hole!). Depending on conditions, sometimes its possible to use a real crevasse, but its not the 1st goal when looking for a practice site. I do my best to find a safe spot that will make the simulation as real as possible.

Days 5-6: Multi-Day Ski Mountaineering Tour

We will spend the last two days putting all the new skills to use! La Grave is on the edge of the Parc National des Ecrins, which is home to endless incredible multi-day ski adventures. We will pick one based on the best conditions, and head out into the mountains. We will sleep in a mountain refuge, and enjoy the quiet winter sunset from the terrace. One option for these days is a modified Tour de la Meije. We start at the top of the Télépherique, and ski off the south side into the Vallon de la Selle. Then we pass over the Brèche du Râteau, and to the Promontoire Refuge. After a great night at the historic refuge, we wake up early and climb up to the Brèche de la Meije. From here, we descend a small ways onto the impressive Glacier de la Meije, and then climb up the steep Passage du Serret du Savon. From the top of this couloir, we traverse over to the Aigle Refuge to enjoy some food before the final, mega descent of the Glacier du Tabuchet, a 2000m ski run!


March 31 - April 5, 2019 FULL

April 7 - 12, 2019 FULL

2020 - Dates to be announced! Contact me if you have specific dates that work for you.


Private 1:1 €2400

2:1 €1350 per student

3:1 €900 per student

4:1 €750 per student

The maximum number of students is 4 for this course. If you are interested for a larger group, we can hire a second guide.
This price includes the guide fee and travel once in La Grave. In addition, it includes use of a transceiver, shovel, probe, harness, and backpack for the week if you need. It does not include other costs including but not limited to lodging, lift tickets, travel to La Grave, and food.