3131m (TD, 6a+>6a A0/5.10c>5.10a A0, I), 2 days

As you approach the Refuge du Soreiller (2791m) on the first day, the Aiguille Dibona can't be missed. It dominates the valley, and creates an incredible ridge line to view as you finish the approach hike. From the refuge, the route is under 10 minutes away. Its an alpine sport climb! 12 pitches of perfect granite. This is a must climb in the Alps. 

There are many routes on Aiguille Dibona, and in the valley. So there is there is the option of staying at the refuge for a few days and climbing other routes as well. 



2 Days

2:1 Ratio



Level Requirements

Even though this route is fully equipped, it is still in alpine terrain. A good level of fitness is required. Depending on conditions, a small section of walking with crampons may be required for the descent after the climb. As well, you need to have a reasonable amount of rock climbing experience for this route and be able to climb 6a/5.10a at a minimum. 

If you are unsure of your abilities for this trip, don't hesitate to contact me for advice.

I offer preparation courses for this trip as well.